EP Stream: Trevor Daniel “Restless”

Trevor Daniel is a 24 year old Houston-based singer and bedroom pop producer with an undeniable ability to craft emotionally captivating songs which blur the lines between pop, trap, and R&B.
Restless is the brooding followup to Trevor’s 2018 EP, Homesick which earned over 12 million streams and 500k monthly listeners on Spotify. The new EP features some of Trevor’s most catchy and addictive songwriting to date, with tweaked-to-perfection production by the Internet Money hitmakers Nick Mira and Taz Taylor. On Restless, Trevor explores the intricacies of young romance through richly textured, genre-bending songs filled with unique sonic landscapes which compliment Trevor’s smooth vocal melodies as snaking guitars and resonant trap drums soundtrack the lyrics of his various relationship dramas.

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