Swish, “All Net” | DJ Gutta Butta & Slimmy B’s Winning Edge in Rap

DJ Gutta Butta x Slimmy B

DJ Gutta Butta and Slimmy B are mainstays in the Bay Area rap scene. With one voice, the producer/DJ and former SOB x RBE rapper have come together to curate the soundtrack to lifestyle-themed music. Today, the duo release their joint project, All Net, a culmination of singles that celebrate the Bay Area’s signature sound, Detroit’s Midwestern drawl, and Gutta Butta’s infamous producer tag, “#YesYes.”

Beyond compiling six new slappers into one body of work, this isn’t DJ Gutta Butta and Slimmy B’s first run in with each other. The success of their 2017 single “U Ain’t Ready” proved to be more than a regional win for Bay Area culture. This track was an early sign of DJ Gutta Butta and Slimmy B’s influence, but more importantly, this moment marked the dawn of their friendship. “Me and Gutta been cool,” Slimmy B says. “Besides music, we locked in on a different level.”

Slimmy B’s rapid-fire delivery and narrative approach in song is a tried and true formula to his storied success. His obsession with staying solid has helped the Vallejo-bred rapper sustain momentum despite taking a well-needed break from music. However, SOB x RBE’s untimely split wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s. Slimmy B needed time to unplug and enjoy the fruits of his labor. “Sometimes you wanna step back from the music and just live your life how you wanna live it.”

Today, All Net is finally here. It’s a call to action for hustlers worldwide, featuring boisterous cuts such as “Shit Talking,” which DJ Gutta Butta and Slimmy B have credited as the song to represent the EP’s overall theme: winning. “I’m from the Bay and Vezzo from Detroit so I’m giving you my side and he giving you his side,” Slimmy B shares. From the D to the Bay, this project is bound to inspire more collaborative efforts in the near future (hopefully). Until then, let the record show, SOB still having and DJ Gutta Butta is a hidden gem when it comes to A&Ring a project.

Slimmy B x DJ Gutta Butta ft. Icewear Vezzo – Sh*t Talking

Walk me through Gutta Butta and Slimmy B’s origin story. How did you two first meet?

Slimmy B: Me and Gutta been cool. We been locked in before music. Besides music, we locked in on a different level. He hit me wit the mixtape proposal and everything, and shit, it all sounded right so we made it happen. That’s my guy, though. 

DJ Gutta Butta, what was it like A&Ring this EP? I imagine selecting six features for one body of work can come with its own set of challenges. 

DJ Gutta Butta: Slimmy made it pretty easy for me, man. He came through with his style and I pretty much already knew which way I wanted to go. I knew I wanted to get a couple of Detroit features and I knew I wanted to get a couple topdogs from the Bay area. 

Featured verses typically bring a fresh perspective to music, especially on a regional basis. Is there any correlation between Detroit’s stamp on hip-hop culture and the Bay’s? 

DJ Gutta Butta: Oh yeah, man. We’re like cousins. People always say the music sounds alike and they pretty much flow the same. So I just tried to mix it up and bring a bit of Bay area sound wit it.

Outside of your contrasting view on basketball teams, did you two experience any creative differences while curating this project? Whether that’s finalizing a release date, deciding on the cover art, song order etc. 

Slimmy B: I ain’t gon’ lie, everything’s a hunnid. All he [DJ Gutta Butta] do is hit me and tell me what he got going on, what he wanna do. I give my little input but everything we do is a hunnid. He came to the table being solid, from the start to the finish. Gutta Butta my guy. We got the same views on things. It’s not really that hard to pick what’s going on. I ain’t gon’ lie, I ain’t even know about the basketball shit he had going on. He threw it out there and I’m like yo, this shit crazy. I ain’t have nothing to do wit that. He did his thing, no cap.

Without a doubt, you two are mainstays in the Bay Area rap scene. Can you put into words what this moment means for the city of Vallejo?

Slimmy B: Let ‘em know Gutta Butta. 

Gutta Butta: Pretty much, it means big. We tryna make some noise back in the Bay Area. Around the whole world. Around the whole music industry. We tryna really put on for the Bay Area music scene. Let ‘em know we can really work together and get it done. 

Slimmy B: Facts. 

Are artists in the city typically standoffish when it comes to collaborating on music? From the outside looking in, it seems like the Bay Area rap scene is pretty supportive. 

Slimmy B: Nah, it ain’t never really been a problem. Everybody I wanted to work with out of the Bay I damn near done worked with. And everybody that wanted to work with me damn near have. I ain’t never had no problem reaching out or taking on a new artist, giving ‘em a feature or whatever. I’ve always been giving, helpful, always whatever you need type person. It’s never been no hate wit me. I ain’t never really got no hate so I can’t speak on hate. All I do is hop out and do things for others and try to help them get to the point I’m at or shit, beyond me. It ain’t never been nothing but love, if somebody wanted a feature or if I wanted a feature. It’s always been cool. 

The All Net EP is a culmination of singles that embody the essence of lifestyle-themed music. It’s real in-your-face energy, laced with the Bay Area’s signature sound and Gutta Butta’s infamous DJ drop. What makes this tape a slapper? 

Slimmy B: All the music I put out, I try to make everything a slap, forreal, but this came so organically. Some of the songs I already had in the cut. I played some of them for Gutta Butta and he was like this dude will sound cool on this, this dude will sound cool on that type shit. And then, the same thing with him, he had songs for me to get on and everything just flowed perfect, forreal. All the songs organic and they all go crazy. I ain’t gon’ lie. When you doing stuff organically and not tryna force it, it just always comes how you want it to come. That’s what we did and that’s how it came. And the features we got on here, Icewear Vezzo, Lil Bean, MBL, all of nem, they going crazy in their region – it’s part of the Bay but it’s still their city – Stockton, San Francisco, Detroit. They topdogs out there so it only makes sense to put all the topdogs from their city together. 

Can you describe what it was like matching flows with the featured artists for this project? I know the in-studio sessions were a vibe. 

Slimmy B: I really had that song done before I knew Vezzo was gon’ get on it. Originally, my brother DaBoii, you probably know him from SOB, he was telling me I gotta get back on my shit. I fell back from rapping to handle other shit, just doing my own thing, but I seen him going so hard it made me wanna go harder. I made that song [Shit Talking] in L.A. It just so happened to be a real banger. It’s like man, I can’t throw nobody on here unless they going crazy. And then when DJ Gutta Butta hit me, it was perfect, I knew I had to put Vezzo on here. I knew that was one of them ones, that’s why I had to get him on there. This wasn’t a throwaway feature. I had to get a real big dog. 

You’ve managed to continuously build your audience despite SOB x RBE’s untimely split. The fallout hasn’t derailed your momentum. What is it like to have a musical presence after all the rumors and distractions? 

Slimmy B: When you being a solid person in the music game and out the music game, around your city, around the Bay, when you just solid all-around, you always gon’ get nothing but love, ya feel me. I always got nothing but love: if I’m doing music, if I’m out and about, I always got nothin’ but love. And my fans never left me. I just fell back and I was doing my own thing, getting right with my life and everything, traveling and just doing what I do. Sometimes you wanna step back from the music and just live your life how you wanna live it: enjoy the fruits of my labor. I just got back in my bag and my fans been waiting for me. Now, they getting what they get. I ain’t gon’ lie, they want more of that shit. They asking when the next tape gon’ drop, all types of shit. It’s time to turn shit up, fasho.

Is Gutta Butta and Slimmy B the latest DJ/rapper duo to put the music industry on notice?

Slimmy B: Damn near, fasho. Me and Gutta Butta locked in. If it makes sense, we gon’ make it make sense. He already know what it is. That’s bro. Let ‘em know something, nigga. 

DJ Gutta Butta: Hell yeah. It’s on go wit me and Slimmy anytime it makes sense. I been dealing wit Slimmy since 2017, spending a couple of bucks wit ‘em and making plays for the both of us. 

Slimmy B: No cap, I’ve been fuckin’ wit ‘em for years. 

Which song from All Net brings the project’s theme to life? 

DJ Gutta Butta: It’s real hard to choose ‘cuz they all really unique in their own way. I’d probably go wit that “Shit Talking.” 

Slimmy B: On God, I ain’t gon’ lie, I’ma have to do the same thing. “Shit Talking,” that’s all-around, everything. All net, ballin’, that got everything to do wit it. We scoring, we ballin’, we shit talkin’, we doing everything that corresponds around All Net. It all revolves around the game of basketball. With “Shit Talking,” we giving you everything at once, forreal. Not only that, I’m from the Bay and Vezzo from Detroit so I’m giving you my side and he giving you his side. And we gotta video wit it, my niggas in it, niggas iced up, all types of shit. We just letting you know what time it is. Niggas be thinking the gang over wit or niggas dubbed, but man this shit is forever wit SOB: we everlasting. All this shit, we been having, we still having it, and it ain’t no stopping. Ain’t shit stopping us. 

Is it fair to say that All Net is more than an EP, it’s a lifestyle choice?

It’s a way of living. All we wanna do is ball. All we wanna do is score. So shit, all net. 

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