DGB Video Premiere: Mobsquad Nard “Grinder” (Freestyle)

Mobsquad Nard is easily one of our favorite rappers out right now. His flow is insane and the young Jacksonville, FL native can rap his ass off. His new, full-length project Nardo DaVinci is due out sometime next month but he will be dropping a new EP before then entitled #NardoDaVinciOTW featuring some new freestyles. And today we’re excited to premiere a video to one of those freestyles, an old Kevin Gates’ song called “Grinder”. View the video premiere below and see why we’re so high on Nard.

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  1. Mobsquad yella | June 19, 2017 at 10:52 pm | Reply

    Itz dat mobsquadmuzik duval

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