Daniel Payne Talks Name Change From KD, Country Rap Tunes, Trap Music Museum & More

Music allows an individual the opportunity to reinvent oneself and that is exactly what Daniel Payne formerly known as KD is doing right now. After a decade of releasing music under KD, the Birmingham native and now Houston resident is reintroducing himself to the masses as simply Daniel Payne. And during his recent trip to Atlanta, we caught up with him to talk about the name change.

Daniel Payne explains his growth as a person and as an artist led to the change & he compares the change to Tity Boi morphing into 2 Chainz. He talks about his new “3rd Coastin On Purple Waves” EP & the heavy Houston influence on there. He explains how he first linked with DJ Burn One & their long working history. He states that he was the first rapper from Birmingham to use the internet to promote his music outside of the city. He compares how artists promoted themselves on the internet 10 years ago to now. He speaks on producer B-Flat’s production style and their great chemistry from working together for over 10 years now. He then explains the huge difference with the rap scenes in Birmingham & the one in Houston. He talks about being inspired and relating to UGK & Scarface and then explains why he called out T.I. and his Trap Music Museum on Twitter recently. He also talks about the current state of Country Rap Tunes and if he considers Lil Nas X & NBA Youngboy’s music as Country Rap Tunes. He explains what Dirty Glove Bastard means to him and talks about his upcoming albums and more! Watch below!

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