Cream Da Villain “Mirages”

Queens Artist, Cream Da Villain is back with another visual to his latest single Mirages. Making a name for himself even outside of his Queens community, Cream Da Villain has been quickly gaining respect in the rap scene.

The visual features foreign cars, eye-catching jewelry and diamonds, and most importantly shots from around Cream’s neighborhood, the place that helped shape him (Corona, Queens). A flow that delivers confidence, rawness, and authenticity, Cream Da Villain is sharing his truth and the grittiness of his life and never hesitates to do so. “I wanted to make a flashy type of record, but stay uptempo to make people move,” Cream states about his new hit. 

Not only is he an artist, he is also a business owner. In 2020, Cream Da Villain founded Thriller Recording Studio NYC, a home for artists, engineers, and producers to come and access all their musical needs. The pandemic evidently did not slow him down as he was able to tap into his own studio and really work on his art form. Grinding to release a song practically every other week, it is safe to say there have been no losses, only wins for Cream’s records.

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