Brodinski & Drug Money USA present – Young Slime Season [Mixtape]

Drug Money USA & Bromance Records present Young Slime Season, the 20 track declaration of war from an army of YSL affiliated rappers from Atlanta’s Cleveland Avenue. The young snakes are going for blood on this one, with the young crew spitting venom alongside rare appearances from original Slimes, all over Brodinski & his BMC crew’s far-out production. YSS is a look into the youth of a city dripping in ooze. This is Young Slime Life.

01. B La B Feat. Zack Slime Fr & Twice – Young [Prod. By Ikaz Boi]
02. Twice Feat. Lil Patt, Slimelife Shawty & No Mask Nuk – Snake Life [Prod. By Myd]
03. Zack Slime Fr Feat. Slimelife Shawty & Lil Clockk – My Niggas [Prod. By Ryan Hemsworth]
04. Maja Got It Feat. The Homie Cashyy, Slimeball Kelly & YL G-Baby – Turn Up [Prod. By Myd]
05. Slimeball Kelly Feat. Slimelife Shawty, Lil Reek, YSL Hitta, The Homie Cashyy & Zack Slime Fr – Money [Prod. By Amine Edge & Dance]
06. Zack Slime Fr & Slimelife Shawty – My Love [Prod. By Ikaz Boi]
07. Twice Feat. Lil Patt & Zack Slime Fr – In The Zone [Prod. By Myth Syzer]
08. Slimelife Shawty Feat. Babysnake, Slimeball Kelly & Zack Slime Fr – Free The Roc [Prod. By Mister Tweeks]
09. Twice Feat. Zack Slime Fr & Lil Patt – Purple Rain [Prod. By Ryan Hemsworth]
10. Twice Feat. Lil Patt – No Bullshit [Prod. By Myd]
11. Lil Clockk Feat. Maja Got It, Babysnake & Slimelife Shawty – Air That Shit Out [Prod. By Ryan Hemsworth]
12. Lil Patt Feat. Zack Slime Fr – Duct Tape [Prod. By Myth Syzer]
13. Slimelife Shawty Feat. Zack Slime Fr, Babysnake & Slimeball Kelly – No Mask [Prod. By Myth Syzer]
14. Slimelife Shawty & Zack Slime Fr – Dat Bag [Prod. By Myth Syzer]
15. Zack Slime Fr Feat. Slimeball Kelly, Slimelife Shawty, Maja Got It, No Mask Nuk & Twice – Change The Game [Prod. By Mister Tweeks]
16. YL Zoe Feat. YSL Bukk Bukk, Zack Slime Fr & Twice – Wait On It [Prod. By Myth Syzer]
17. Slimelife Shawty Feat. Zack Slime Fr, No Mask Nuk, Slimeball Kelly & Maja Got It – Slimes In The Place [Prod. By Brodinski]
18. B Slime Feat. YSL Bukk Bukk, Maja Got It & YL Zoe – Drop Off The Top [Prod. By Bobby Swan]
19. Lil Tay Feat. The Homie Cashyy & Babysnake – 30 [Prod. By Myth Syzer]
20. Twice Feat. B La B, Zack Slime Fr & Slimelife Shawty – Want It [Prod. By Myth Syzer]

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