Album Stream: Tef Poe – Black Julian 2: Never Satisfied

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An independent rap album::: which I had to Master-P with the help of my brothers just went what we call ghetto gold. We don’t buy streams and manipulate Spotify. I had to get out here — sleep on couches, book greyhounds all across the country, used up all my frequent traveler points, ran through the bag twice but I actually got out here and touched the goddamn people. Some artists do these types of numbers in a day. We had to build our situation from the ground up. But this album taught me how to successfully campaign my product. Thanks to my supporters and my brothers and sisters working with me and our FMG imprint. If you contributed to this project on any level— thank you. I’ve been touring off this music right here since it dropped. Somebody somewhere wants to hear these songs live and that’s in return kept me alive!! I’m proud to tell y’all the whole “Footklan” thing is dead now. Moving forward FMG — strictly means “Family Music God”. Three letters that changed my entire life. Made things possible we never thought imaginable. Now it’s onward — more shows, more music, more videos, and more artists, coming after me on this imprint. We built it and we own it. My vision is massive :: announcing all types of new business partnerships in 2020 so get ready!! See y’all soon! #BlackJulian2 #stillstreaming this album is on its way to a Millie. #FMG #NeverSatisfied

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