Z Money “Apart of Trappin” ft. Bandhunta Izzy (Remix)

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Teaming up with fellow hybrid emcee Bandhunta Izzy, a Baltimore rapper inspired by Chicago drill, Z Money shares “Apart of Trappin’” (Remix). A creeping, slinky banger courtesy of producer Lil Mexico, “Apart of Trappin’” finds Z Money running through his daily flex in a soft-spoken rasp: “Big F&N with the big wheels, big kicks, stand on the block, sellin’ rock with a big sig/I don’t really care what it cost, I’ma go big, just popped, feel it, just wait on it to kick in.” For the remix, Bandhunta Izzy borrows Z’s unique cadence before slowly building up to a lockstep double-time: “Z Money, you that my big brother/He say the word, I’m clappin’/I done came a long way from trappin’/Put dough right in my mattress.” “Apart of Trappin’” is the opening track from Chiraq Mogul, Z Money’s acclaimed new mixtape, shared in August via 1017 Eskimo/Alamo.

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