Video: Juwan Rohan “Double Entendre”

California rapper Juwan Rohan releases a new music video for single “Double Entendre”produced by Legion Beats. This is the first song on his recent “Stories Told” album. The track shows off Juwan’s versatility as a person and as an artist in laid-back, head-nodding verses.

The style of the video itself speaks to the title of the song, juxtaposing elaborately composed shots with more stripped down, raw footage. Desire Lacapture plays with lighting and fog to create a sort of alternate world featuring a highly self-assured, larger-than-life Juwan, compared to a more vulnerable and relatable version of himself in “real-world” scenes. Overall, the video serves to show the different sides of the real Juwan–a confident, bold artist who’s also an honest person with a sense of humor.

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