Vac Seal Releases New Single “Big Factor” [LISTEN]

Emerging rapper Vac Seal releases his hot new single “Big Factor“.

Southside Atlanta’s rising artist finds himself delivering an onslaught of lyrics indicative of a troubled past that birthed a promising future.

His courageous effort to debrief fans on the retelling of a past truth warrants understanding and has rightfully garnered Seal the appropriate buzz amongst fan favorites from within the city of Atlanta.

Vac Seal incorporates unapologetic lyricism and an unwavering work ethic into his art form, channeling a sense of transparency that yields enlightenment by way of a lesson learned overtime.

Like a paradox of fucc shit, rich shit and a hint of message in there if you can read between my lines” — Vac Seal

The same referenced paradox that has enabled Vac Seal to transcend a new wave of digital sound, a street aesthetic that any hustler can vibe to.

As referenced, “Should we really see them birds they be tweeting about/And we keep the money counter repeating the count/Shawty asking me why people keep leaving in and out/I told her it’s the rock with no reasonable doubt“, Vac Seal is no novice in distinguishing between cap or fact.

His innate cognizance to differentiate between social media gimmicks and reality has rightfully contributed to the expansion of his growing fan-base.

Check out the single below.

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