The CoolisMac “SKLZ” [Prod. By Cardo]

The CoolisMac

The CoolisMac’s new video (directed by Highdeas Production) feels like a trippy Sunday morning after a sleepless night spent partying. The hazy visuals perfectly complement Mac’s laconically aggressive affirmation of his beliefs and lifestyle. This track is produced by Cardo and was featured on Mac’s Decatur EP that was released earlier this year. He has another solo project called TBA that is due out in October.

Mac is a part of the duo WDNG Crshrs along with Quentin Miller. He’s definitely unique, in style and delivery. The CoolisMac’s music embodies the new Atlanta,  where artists aren’t afraid to be themselves. His bars are deceptively subtle, repeated listens enable the listener to catch things you won’t get on the first spin. He also has very interesting song structure. Stream Decatur below, details on TBA will be coming soon.

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