Swagger Rite “Drop Top” feat. Yella Beezy and Flipp Dinero

Swagger Rite is the standard-bearer for Toronto’s trap scene. Recruiting Yella Beezy and Flipp Dinero for a top-down turn-up anthem, Swagger Rite shares “Drop Top,” his latest single.

Powered by plunking pianos, the single finds Swagger Rite slipping into a trance, listing his array of topless automobiles. The track is bookended by a pair of standout verses in disparate styles, as Dallas rhymer Yella Beezy twists his southern drawl into knots and Brooklyn’s Flipp Dinero foregoes melody for a ferocious flurry of triplets.

The first high-profile collaboration for an artist who built a fanbase without relying on features, “Drop Top” demonstrates Swagger Rite’s infectious style and proves that he can hold his own with rap game heavy-hitters.

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