OTF Ikey “Counterfeit” & Memo600 “Wipe Yo Nose”

Lil Durk’s OTF Label is home to some of the brightest talent rising out of Chicago. Label signees Memo600 and OTF Ikey are breakout sensations in the street rap realm with songs that commonly surpass the 1M view mark on youtube. Today both OTF artist dropped new singles.

Melodically examining the violence in his city’s streets, Chicago rapper OTF Ikey learned all the best moves from his mentor Lil Durk. Bottling up his pain and lashing out at those who pretend to be something they’re not, Ikey shares “Counterfeit,” his new single. Emoting atop synth strings, ethereal choirs, and haunting piano, Ikey expounds upon his everyday struggle with lilting melody as he desperately tries to figure out who to trust. “Counterfeit” is the second Ikey single in two months to examine the realities of his home neighborhood, following the sinister “Dead Bodies,” which dwells on the consequences of street violence.

Rhyming in clipped cadences with an off-kilter menace, Memo600 is quickly making a name for himself in the Chicago scene. Coming through with heated words for the haters and opps, Memo shares “Wipe Yo Nose,” his new single. Molding his flow to fit a mutated, sproingy instrumental, Memo pledges allegiance to his 600 Crew, emphasizing certain syllables with an intense disgust. With a flow as violent as the song’s subject matter, Memo’s “Wipe Yo Nose” is the latest in a line of street hits, including “Steppers,” which has 2.4 million views on YouTube, and “Locked In,” his collaboration with El Hitta.

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