“Off The Porch” w/ Kwony Cash

Last week we caught up with Atlanta rap veteran Kwony Cash for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit down, he discusses his past 18 months since he was released from a 4-year prison sentence, talks about how the rap game has changed, the current fashion trends in rap, his new EP “On Life” that is produced entirely by Whymen, his approach to the project compared to projects that are self-produced, explains why “Push Up” featuring Tiffany Evans is his personal favorite song on the EP, getting his start working with Soulja Boy and his current relationship with him, earning his first platinum plaque for his feature on K Camp’s “Money Baby”, getting locked up before that single really blew up, shares his thoughts on the current music scene in Atlanta, how he feels about rappers who glorify the streets but were never active in the streets, says that other rappers will still be cool with 6ix9ine when he gets released from jail, talks turning down an offer from Gucci Mane to join 1017, speaks on his current relationship with Johnny Cinco and says Cinco looked out for him when he was in prison, explains why he doesn’t watch sports or play video games, songwriting for other artists, upcoming music & more! Watch below!

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