“Off The Porch” w/ Korleon

Today we’re excited to release our new “Off The Porch” interview with the King of Jackson, Korleon. We’ve been covering Korleon’s music since 2008 and we sat down and had a very good conversation. During our discussion, he talked about the city of Jackson, moving to Atlanta back in 2008, being sampled by Playaz Circle, explains why he considers himself the “King of Jackson”, he talks about the music scene in Jackson, Lil Lonnie’s death and how it affected the city, his new single “Smith & Wesson” featuring Fabo, touring in Japan with Fabo, his upcoming EP “The Four” which will be a prelude to his upcoming “Strictly 4 My Sippers” project, his RichBoy Entertainment label, talks about transitioning to streaming, new music not having the same feeling as older music and much more. Check it out below!

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