Exclusive: Real Recognize Rio Talks About Keeping It Real In An Industry Full Of Characters

Being real in an industry that often rewards characters & clout chasers can be frustrating, just ask Atlanta rapper Real Recognize Rio.

Last week we sat down with the Slaughter Gang rapper for a new, in-depth “Off The Porch” interview! During conversation, he opened up about being more active lately on social media, explains why he didn’t release a solo project in 2019, talks about his new project “Lot 2 Say” that he says is his most personal project yet, his new single “Rumors”, explains why he doesn’t have any features on his new project, plans to drop 6 projects in 2020, reveals if “Reconstructed 2” will still drop, says that being humble has been holding him back from reaching his peak, speaks on being frustrated for keeping it real in an industry full of characters & clout chasers, talks about going on a West Coast tour last year with Rob Vicious, Bandgang Lonnie Bands & Runway Richy, getting pulled over in Wyoming, shares a hilarious story about what happened in Ft. Collins, collabing with Runway Richy on the “Rio Richy” project and says they are working on a part 2, shares his thoughts on chain snatching, going viral on Twitter, being fully focused on music right now and much more!

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