Album Stream: Drumma Boy “My Brother’s Keeper”

Grammy Award Winning producer and media mogul Drumma Boy, AKA D Boy Fresh, has just released his first ever solo rap album, My Brother’s Keeper. The Atlanta-based producer pays homage to his late brother, producer Ensayne Wayne, who was fatally shot in 2018.

Although Drumma Boy is no stranger to the studio, this is the artist’s first project that shows us his true lyricism and vocal ability to tell us his story. My Brother’s Keeper boasts 11 solid tracks, including the single “Live On.” His southern drawl and melodic swing paint a picture for the listener as they move through the album.

It opens with a declarative intro titled “Family Str8” followed by a bass-heavy “Never Changed Up,” which each explain his journey through the music industry, losing his brother, and making sure that the ones closest to him are always taken care of. We then join him as he experiences acceptance of his familial loss in “Go This Way.” It becomes obvious that his brother, Ensayne Wayne, is not just present in the story of the album, but in the musical style and instrumentation.

Stream below via @Audiomack

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